After 14 weeks of inspiring and friendly collaboration with the team, inspiring lectures and precious coaching, it is finally a wrap-up ! Thank you La Forge Incubator for the price and the acknowledgement. What a better way to end this intensive training !

A couple of months ago Margaux, our co-founder was selected as one of the participants of the InnoSuisse Business Concept Training hosted in the EPFL Innovation Park.

Enerdrape was selected as one of startup of the program, Margaux took on board three other participants Fanny, Victoria and Vijeta and built a multidisciplinary team to develop and work on our green start-up. As the result of their work and efforts, we are thrilled to announce that the Enerdrape team won the La Forge Incubator Award ! This is another acknowledgment for our start-up Enerdrape.

Thanks to La Forge for the award and acknowledgment, the organizers of the training, the InnoSuisse Innovation Agency for giving us the opportunity and access to a precious mentoring.

And finally a warm thank you to Fanny Guilhem , Victoria Wosika and Vijeta Sandhu for their work, support and contribution to our startup Enerdrape !