Today, the heating and cooling of our buildings account for 40% of the CO2 emissions and up to 80% of their total final energy consumption.

Keeping in mind that only 1% of the building stock is renewed every year, it is clear that efficient solutions for existing buildings will have the greatest impact for lowering building energy use and CO2 emissions. In Europe, more than 75% of the existing building stock is energy inefficient and still resort to non-renewable energy sources.

In fact, most of the existing building have limited access to clean and renewable heating and cooling solutions due to complex implementation, space restriction and large investment costs.

Our solution

We help existing buildings to save energy and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions with a simple and clean solution without any drastic infrastructure changes.

Our modular geo-thermal panels are easily installed indoor with a minimum impact on the existing infrastructure to efficiently harvest geothermal and waste heat sources accumulated in any kind of existing environments.