After one year of operation,
the world-first pilot installation
system is a success.

Realstone’s ambition is to eliminate the use of fossil fuels and reduce the CO2 emissions of its buildings as much as possible. To achieve this goal, it is important to innovate, and explore new ideas and new technologies. This is why we are proud to have supported enerdrape from 2021 by providing them with one of our underground parking garages to test their solution. We congratulate them on the outstanding results obtained and look forward to deploying enerdrape’s panels wherever possible.

Alberto Simonato – Director

Development & Construction Department, Realstone SA

A confirmed potential

In 2021, enerdrape and REALSTONE SA collaborated for the implementation of 10 geothermal panels in a residential underground car park in Lausanne, in the area of Sébeillon.

After this first year, the world-first installation confirms the exceptional potential of enerdrape technology.

For the operating conditions tested in this pilot, a thermal power of up to 170 W/m² was harnessed by enerdrape panels. 

The system energy output remains stable across seasons and benefits from a negligible influence from the surface thermal conditions

The long-term operation of the system is ensured for 50 years of operation


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