Our Solution

Enerdrape introduces the world’s first prefabricated geothermal panel technology.

These panels offer a unique advantage by harnessing renewable thermal energy without the need for drilling, effectively converting underground spaces like parking lots or tunnels into sustainable energy sources. By employing these panels, buildings can be heated and cooled using renewable energy, resulting in substantial reductions in CO² emissions.

The enerdrape panels are modular, thin, and flexible, constructed using recyclable materials. They are compatible with all heat pumps, making them a versatile choice for retrofitting existing buildings and integrating them into new construction projects.

Advantages of our solution

  • Independent of external climate conditions
  • Supplies renewable energy available 24/7
  • Applicable to new and existing constructions
  • Easy and quick to install and maintain
  • No drilling or boring required
  • No direct CO2 emissions involved

Key figures


Less than 15 min of installation per panel


An average of 100 W/m²


1 m² of panels = 5 to 10 m² of heated – cooled floor area on average

Domain of application

Our solution supports building owners and energy professionals in their transition towards a more sustainable energy system, bridging a crucial gap in the overall energy landscape. By aiding in their decarbonization efforts, Enerdrape enables these stakeholders to achieve their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) objectives while enhancing their energy independence.

Minimum surface required of 100m²

Walls in direct contact with ground

Underground surfaces (parking, tunnels, metros)

How does it work?

enerdrape disrupts the way we access underground thermal energy. Our patented panel solution allows harnessing shallow geothermal energy without any drilling, boring and direct contact with the ground.

A system of enerdrape geothermal panels that integrates a closed loop piping circuit in which a heat transfer fluid circulates to exchange heat with the underground structure. The novel structure of enerdrape panels allows absorbing both shallow geothermal energy from the ground (80%) and waste thermal energy from the air contained in underground spaces (20%).

A heat pump connected to enerdrape system allows to transfer the absorbed heat to the building heating system in winter, and in summer allows to transfer heat extracted in the building to the underground system, providing free-cooling to the building.

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